Crab grass preventer – applied in early spring
Prevents pre-emergent crabgrass and other grassy weeds.
Weed Control – applied in late spring
Prevents and kills pre and post-emergent dandelions and broadleaf weeds.
Heat & Insect Control – applied in early summer
Protects lawn from extreme heat. Kills bugs and other common insects.
Weed Control – applied in late summer
Provides a 2nd attack against post-emergent dandelions and other broadleaf weeds.
Lawn Fertilizer – applied in early fall
Develops a strong root system and keeps lawn green and growing throughout fall
Winterizer – applied in late fall
Thickens and greens lawn to keep grass healthy and ready to grow in spring

Mac’s Lawn Care also sprays any weeds that grow in your flower beds that other companies neglect when we fertilize your lawn.